Association History

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The Wild Deer Association of Ireland, know then as the Southern Deer Society was founded on May 15th 1981, holding its initial AGM in Cahir, Co. Tipperary, with an attendance of 59 on the night. It was decided to set up a number of actions groups to deal with the issues of concern to the Southern Deer Society, they were:

Deer Census – (Chairman Dermott Twohig) (RIP) The function of this group was to carry out a detailed census of all deer in the Society area, to prepare maps and where possible to research possible background of deer introductions. While initially the groups activities dealt with formulating a basis for data collection and storage, there would be in the future a lot of detailed fieldwork carried out and this group would be seeking the active participation of all members.

Deer Policy – (Chairman Jim Teehan) This group dealt with the drawing up of a detailed policy for all deer in Ireland, and would present their policy document to the government at an early date. Their work will be very intense and their policy document will form the basis for our constitution and would hopefully be able to cover every eventuality which would arise regarding deer, their management, and the management of them for the coming years.

Deer Management Course – (Chairman Billy O Regan RIP) Over the last number of years there have been a number of attempts to organize a Deer Management Course. These groups’ activities were to bring to fruition all these attempts. Their brief was to draw up a detailed syllabus for a Deer Management Course, which will allow every member to increase his/her knowledge and understanding of deer, their habitats, the law pertaining to deer etc, as well as providing a test for persons wishing to take part in deer management. They will also arrange venues, dates, speakers and examiners for the course.

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