Chairmans report


Ger O’Brien
Chairman of the Wild Deer Association of Ireland.

Dear members as you know by now our AGM has been cancelled along with the many other events that we had planned our annual rut walk in Killarney on October 10th has met the same faith. We had a very successful year in 2019 with a lot of events from Dog tracking,
carcass handling, butchery, a free day of testing and shooting the latest equipment from Blaser and other leading manufacturers, our annual shoot with the usual free barbecue I want to give a special thanks to our events coordinator  David Dunne who organised
most of these events I want to thank all the committee for their work on your behalf with a special mention also for our secretary Barry Redmond who is on top of everything . as you are all well aware the issuing of Deer hunting licenses has been a disaster this
year the present system is not fit for purpose we have been in contact with the relevant ministers office to discuss a review of the licensing system before this meeting takes place we want input from our members so we can represent your needs sum of the proposals
we have already are a 3 year license, online applications and cull return’s, a break in the tie between land and license, all sensible ideas are welcome remember the Facebook page ( Wild Deer Ireland) has nothing to do with us to contact us on Facebook use
wild Deer Association of Ireland or our website Our 2020 membership is free for anyone that was payed up in 2019 we have a free draw for for members for Red Deer stalking in Scotland, Fallow in Ireland and lots more check website for details membership
is 20 euro get in before the draw. We will be launching our anti poaching campaign shortly again input for this is appreciated. That’s all for me for now I hope you all stay safe and healthy.