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NARGC Deer Stalking Course

The course was developed to give a better understanding and knowledge of Deer Stalking in all its formats to new and prospective new members in Ireland. It will also be an acceptable course to meet with the new criteria of competence when applying for a Deer Stalking License in Ireland which is to be mandatory from 2022. The NARGC Deer Stalking Certificate is designed to test and educate the theoretical and practical understanding of all those who wish to hunt wild Deer.  It is intended that the participants in this course will be competent to stalk on Hills, Lands & Forestry. 

Only after careful and diligent study of the NARGC Deer Stalking Training Manual should a candidate undertake this course.

The course is run in two separate modules.. Part one consist of a power point presentation on all aspects of Deer Stalking in Ireland. From the Wildlife Act, The Firearms Act, Species of Deer in Ireland, Disease Identification, Larder & Field Dressing ,Safety,Firearms & Ammunition etc. (8 Modules in total.)

This is followed by a written exam with multiple answer questions based on what you have learned.

Part two takes place in an authorized range.

First up is four shots into a 4″ bull @ 100m. The participants will then be asked to fire nine shots into a heart, lung target at 100m, 60m, and 40m. The results of the  exam and the range test will then be combined for each candidate and if successful a certificate will be awarded and sent by post to each candidate.

For more information or to register your interest for this course, contact

Safe Handling of Wild Game Meat Handling Course

This Course is a LANTRA approved Course.

The NARGC are a LANTRA Accredited Body which as part of that accreditation run courses during the year. Included in those courses is one for hunters to be trained up in “The Safe Handling of Wild Game Meat” from the moment of the successful shot to the time the meat enters the food chain.This Course when successfully completed will allow the trained hunter to certify game carcasses fit to enter Approved Game Handling Establishments as required by Regulation (EC) 853/2004. The Course is also approved by The Food Safety Authority of Ireland.  For information on this course and other courses please register your interest with our team:

Junior Trained Hunter Course

This Course is a LANTRA approved Course.

This course was designed by the Youth Development Committee for youths aged between 10-14 years of age. The course focuses on Game Birds, Habitat and Predator Control. The idea behind the course is to help juniors learn how to identify game birds in the wild, how best to protect them and also try and provide suitable habitat for them to flourish. The committee would like to see clubs presenting this course to the junior members in their club or at county level. To organize one of those courses please contact the National Youth Development Officer.


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