Past Officers

Since its foundation in 1981 the Wild Deer Association of Ireland, has always had a strong membership, committee and officers. Which has resulted in the Association going from strength to strength each year. We are always grateful for the commitment and hard work these people have carried out in the interest of our national deer herds.

The founding committee was made up of, Chairman – E Moriarty Limerick, Vice Chairman B. Friel Waterford, Hon. Secretary – Mary O Regan Tipperary, Treasurer – J Freney Tipperary (RIP), Committee – D Twohig Cork (RIP), T Morrissey Limerick, M Carnew Tipperary, M Roche Waterford, T O Donnell Limerick, C Langan Kilkenny (RIP), T O Connell Limerick (RIP), B Kennedy Waterford, P Smith Tipperary, R Wilkinson Tipperary, D O Halloran Cork (RIP), T Teehan Tipperary, B O Regan Tipperary, R Rice Tipperary (RIP), L Ryan Waterford.

YearChairman / PersonHon. SecretaryTreasurer
1981E MoriartyM O ReganJ Freney (RIP)
1982G CusackM RocheJ Freney
1983G CusackM RocheJ Freney
1984G CusackL RyanJ Freney
1985J TeehanL RyanJ Freney
1986J TeehanL RyanM O Regan
1987J TeehanL RyanM O Regan
1988T O DonnellL RyanM O Regan
1989T O DonnellL RyanJ Freney
1990T O DonnellP FletcherT McAuliffe
1991L RyanM O ReganT McAuliffe
1992L RyanM O ReganT McAuliffe
1993B O Regan (RIP)M O ReganT McAuliffe
1994B O ReganD KenneallyT McAuliffe
1995B O ReganD KenneallyT McAuiffe
1996M O ReganS BennettT McAuliffe
1997M O ReganS BennettT McAuliffe
1998M O ReganS BennettT McAuliffe
1999G O BrienD HanniganT McAuliffe
2000G O BrienD HanniganT Grace
2001G O BrienD HanniganT Grace
2002D O HeaD HanniganT Grace
2003D O HeaD HanniganT Grace
2004D O HeaD HanniganT Grace
2005J Creedon (RIP)D HanniganT Grace
2006J CreedonD HanniganT Grace
2007J CreedonD HanniganT Grace
2008P ScullyD HanniganT Grace
2009P ScullyD HanniganT Grace
2010P ScullyD HanniganT Grace
2011D DunneD HanniganT O’Hea
2012D DunneD HanniganT O’Hea
2013D DunneD HanniganT O’Hea
2014/17J MurphyD HanniganW Ireland
2017/18T O DonnellT O HeaD Bryan
2018/19T O DonnellT O HeaD Bryan
2019/20G O BrienB RaymondD Bryan